VirWox USD/BTC exchange rate live chart

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Are the formulas still current?

I purchased after using this site to get an estimate and it was only off by 0.01, so only a couple of dollars, just keep in mind that it may be +/- $0-10 at and given time. Still an incredibly useful tool!

You can now check the price on IRC on freenode :)

/msg ZeroGox price virwox

Charts don't work!

They seem to disappear in Chrome, I'll take a look into that. Thanks.

Update: fixed.

Nice chart, but can we have the chart BTC/USC -- selling BTC for XX USD ?


It's part of the chart, the low price is the sell price after fees, in theory...

Could you please add the prices for other currencies too? From what I've seen VirWoX accepts EUR, CHF and GBP as well.

That would actually be a lot of work. I'd have to either store prices in every currency and for all three services, or store the exchange rates of fiat currencies and add another layer for the conversion of the data to feed the chart. It's much easier to compare with the USD, even for me and it's not the currency I'm using (CAD.)

Here's how fees are currently calculated. Keep in mind that it's nothing official and without any guarantee. Improvements and corrections are welcomed.

    $usd = $virwox->result[0]->sell[0]->price - (50 / $virwox->result[0]->sell[0]->price); // Price of USD to SLL + commission fee of 50 SLL
    $usd_with_fees = $usd + ($usd * variable_get('virwox_fee_sll', 0.029)); // Price of USD to SLL + fee
    $btc = $virwox->result[1]->buy[0]->price + 50; // Price of SLL to BTC + commission fee
    $btc_with_fees = $btc - ($btc * variable_get('virwox_fee_sll', 0.029)); // Price of SLL to BTC + fee
    $rate_with_fees = $btc_with_fees / $usd_with_fees;
    $rate_virwox = $rate_with_fees + ($rate_with_fees * variable_get('virwox_fee', 0.034)) + 0.5 + (0.01 * $rate_with_fees); // Price of BTC to USD + initial deposit fee + .35 EUR->USD + withdrawal fee

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